TH Vina is known as a leading surface finishing solutions provider. We provide the cutting-edge technologies for surface finishing to our customers, from manual to fully automation, helping our customers saving the total cost and enhancing their competition.

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PROS is developed and packed with clever features


Deerfos PZ533 is a close-coat abrasive with Zirconia alumina grain


Q.Silver features optimal aggressivity, resulting in fast and efficient stock removal

RB 377 YX

The polyester/cotton back combined with the resin bonded aluminium oxide grain mix produces a high stock removal with coarse grits, plus a consistent surface quality with finer grits


This pneumatic rotary polisher is a powerful tool providing a fast way to a perfect finish.


A light and ergonomic rotary polisher and sander that enables dust-free sanding of small areas.


Premium aluminium oxide grain with advanced open top-coat for fast cutting and minimal clogging.

Twisted Wool Pad 150mm Grip

The twisted wool pad is a pure wool pad for coarser polishing

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