How to choose the right superabrasive grinding wheel ?

How to choose the right superabrasive grinding wheel ?

A grinding wheel applied superabrasive (diamond or cubic boron nitride) as the cutting material is called superabrasive grinding wheel. Because superabrasive have great advantages over conventional abrasives, superabrasives have good grinding performance compared with conventional abrasives and have been used more and more widely.

Superabrasive grinding wheel features

Superabrasive itself has extremely high hardness and can process various high hardness materials, especially for materials that are difficult to process with conventional abrasives.

In the processing of superhard abrasives, the wear is small, and the service life is long, and the grinding ratio is high, can obtain better economic efficiency.

The shape retention is good, and should not replace and dress the grinding wheel frequently. Save the working hours, and improve the working conditions, and it is good for processing.

With sharp cutting and small grinding force, the superabrasive is good for improving the processing accuracy and surface roughness of the machined parts, reducing the power consumption of the machine tool.

Sharp abrasive grains make the grinding temperature of the grinding tool in the processing is lower than that of conventional abrasive tool, which can greatly improve the quality of the surface to be processed, reduce and avoid the crack, burn, metallographic reorganization, and other defects, thus improving the service life of the parts and greatly improving the overall economic indicators.

In view of the unparalleled superiority of superhard grinding, with the continuous emergence of new materials and new technologies, the technological advancement of processing industry, its application has been continuously expanded, and the usage has been increasing, which has strongly promoted economic development.

However, due to the high tool cost of the superabrasive grinding wheel and its own unique performance and regularity, improper use will only cause serious waste, but also fail to obtain satisfactory processing quality and excellent economic effects.

Choose the right features of the superabrasives grinding wheel

Superabrasives are different abrasive tools from conventional abrasive tools. Its structural forms are different, and they have unique features. The features of superabrasives refer to abrasives, grain size, bond, concentration, shape, and size.

Selection the grain of Superabrasive grinding wheel

Superabrasives mainly include diamond and CBN (cubic boron nitride). The diamond used for superhard grinding wheels mainly refers to synthetic diamond, and natural diamond is basically not used for making abrasive tools.

Synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride are both synthetically synthesized under high temperature and high pressure, features high hardness, good sharpness and wear resistance. Nature is still very different, so the application has a clear division of labor.

Diamond is the hardest material recognized by the human in nature. It has excellent hardness, strength, grinding ability, thermal conductivity, and thermal expansion coefficient.

It can process many hard materials such as tungsten carbide, ceramics, gemstones, glass, stone, building materials, concrete and semiconductor materials. However, since diamond is an allotrope of carbon, it is easy to have a chemical reaction with iron group elements of steel at the higher temperature, causing strong chemical wear, which directly affects the grinding performance and loss of the abrasive tools, so it is not suitable to process the steel.

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