Abrasives Glossary

The general terms used in abrasives industry

Coated Abrasives Structure

Coated abrasives main components are abrasive grains, backing materials and resins.

The History of Coated Abrasives

The origin of coated abrasives is lost in antiquity. Their development through the ages is the result of the work and contributions of many people.

Raw Materials are Used in the Manufacture of Coated Abrasives‌

The coated abrasive industry uses approximately, 750 different types of raw materials.

How to control Cracking or Breaking

Flexing is the controlled cracking or breaking, in one or more directions of the adhesive bond which holds the abrasive grain to the backing,

How to choose the right superabrasive grinding wheel ?

A grinding wheel applied superabrasive (diamond or cubic boron nitride) as the cutting material is called superabrasive grinding wheel.

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